The " Unit of Virus Host Cell Interactions (UVHCI) UMI 3265 UJF-EMBL-CNRS " was created in January 2007 to develop the collaboration between the University Joseph Fourier, the EMBL Grenoble outstation and the CNRS. The UVHCI is located on the scientific Polygone (research campus of the ILL, the ESRF and the EMBL), more specifically in the ILL20 and Carl-Ivar Bränden buildings. The CIBB is shared with the PSB (Partnership for structural biology).

Its objective is to pursue international standard research in structural and molecular biology, focused, but not exclusively, on virus-host cell interactions and the development of associated techniques.


  1. Interdisciplinary research covering virus structure, virus assembly and maturation, virus-host cell interactions, host and virus gene-expression mechanisms, cell biology of infected cells, innate immunity, anti-pathogen drug design.
  2. Methods developments and technical platforms for structural biology. High throughput expression and crystallization, synchrotron X-ray and neutron diffraction methods and instrumentation, LIMS, electron microscopy.